Masks are required inside when not seated. Customers must wear masks when entering the building, walking around, using the bathrooms, waiting in line, or playing in the arcade. Masks can be removed when eating, drinking, bowling, or playing outside. Our staff will continue to always wear masks and when you arrive, you will be greeted with a temperature screening and hand sanitizer. Learn more about mask requirements or contact us with questions.


We’re taking gaming to the next level with virtual reality! Hologate is a virtual reality (VR) experience that is suitable for all ages. The experience is state-of-the-art technology that makes playing seem realistic!


When you put on the VR headset, you are immediately transported to a new world. In this world, you could be having a snowball fight with your friends, fighting off a hoard of oncoming zombies, or busting a move in an epic dance-off.

The system currently has 3 games (Zombyte, Groove Guardians, and Cold Clash). Each experience is about 8 minutes and is played with 4 people. $8 per player for 1 amazing VR experience!

The advanced graphic technology creates a realistic environment with zero motion sickness. These exciting games are designed for gamers of all skill levels; they are easy to learn and difficult to master.

In Minnesota, Skyline is one of two locations with Hologate virtual reality arena!



Experience a snowball fight like never before. Maneuver your hovercraft on a frozen lake to collect golden coins, but watch out for your opponents and the crazy yeti as they both shoot icy snowballs at you. Seek out the power-ups to give your snowball shooting, superpowers. This family-friendly game will entice you with it’s a cute and unique look and is a guaranteed virtual reality party smash. Oh, one last thing – beware of the yellow snowballs.


Zombyte is a genre-defining zombie survival game. Join the Z.W.A.T (Zombie Weapons and Tactics) to fight off an army of zombie-like creatures; humans with brain enhancements that have been infected by a computer virus. But these zombies aren’t alone; they are joined by a force of infected robots. Each enemy attacks in a different way, so you must communicate with your team and maneuver to avoid being hit. Do you dare to take on the invasion with your friends?


Groove Guardians is the ultimate music challenge and dance battle. You have controllers (1 in each hand) that act as fists in the digital space. Use the fists to punch the oncoming notes to the beat of the music. While using hand movement to hit the notes, you have to duck and maneuver to avoid oncoming obstacles. Get into the flow of the track and become part of the music!


If you can’t get enough virtual reality, Virtual Rabbids is another VR game in the arcade. Grab a partner and take a ride on a virtual roller coaster with mischievous rabbits! Players can choose from 3 crazy ride adventures full of twists, turns, and thrills – just like a real roller coaster!

Virtual Rabbids is the first attendant-free VR attraction. If Disney World or Valleyfair aren’t in the budget this year, this roller coaster is and totally worth it!

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