• 12 week season plus playoffs

• Must be 21 to participate in adult leagues

• Teams are coed & consist of minimum of 4 players

• No experience needed & equipment provided

• 1 hour time frame to play 3 games

• Call Skyline for more information

Open Adult Bocce League

Co-ed Adult Bocce League

Open Adult Bocce League

Open Adult Bocce League


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Bocce FAQs

  • Untitled Document How many people on a team?
    A minimum of 2 players per team must be present to play. However, a team is only allowed to use as many balls as they have players. If a team has more than 4 players, the team may substitute any additional players after each frame. If a player arrives during play, they may only join their team after a frame. For coed leagues, teams may not have more than three males on the court at anytime.
  • Untitled Document How long is a match?
    You will play one game to ten points OR one hour from the start time of the match. If the time limit is reached, you will finish the frame in progress and throw one more frame and the game will be over, in which case the point would be awarded to the highest score. Ref will determine when last frame will be thrown.
  • Untitled Document How do I know when I play?
    The schedule and standings for each week is posted on the schedule page at For weather related information, call (218) 213-5715. For any other questions during the day, call Tyler Swor at (218) 727-8555.
  • Untitled Document What happens if the other team doesn't show up?
    A team has 10 minutes past the designated start time to show up. If they do show up late, but within the allotted 10 minutes, you teams will not receive extra time to play and you must complete your game in the remaining time. If they do not show up at all, the result is a forfeit. The team that shows up will be awarded all 3 points.
  • Untitled Document What constitutes a valid throw of the pallino?
    You ONLY get one chance to throw the pallino and it must cross the yellow center line and not end up closer to the back or side wall than the width of a bocce ball. To measure a legal throw, slide a bocce ball between the wall and pallino; if it hits or "ticks" the pallino or does not cross the yellow line, the opposing team gets to place the pallino where they choose; given it is a legal placement of the pallino.
  • Untitled Document What happens if the closest ball of each team is equal distance from the pallino at the end of a frame?
    If the captains decide the closest ball of each team is equal in distance from the pallino, NO points are awarded and the game continues from the opposite end, with the same team throwing the pallino as the previous frame. Ref can be summons to make determination
  • Untitled Document Players on court?
    Only players permitted on the court are those actively participating in the game.
  • Untitled Document

    What if a player touches a ball that is active in play?
    That player's team must remove their closest ball to the pallino and that ball is considered dead. The opposing team is given one point in addition to any other points that may occur.

  • Untitled Document What if a ball is thrown out of turn?
    Any ball thrown out of turn will be considered dead and removed. The other team will be given one point.
  • Untitled Document

    What if a volleyball interferes with a bocce game?
    Any volleyball that interferes with play will be considered a "hazard of the game." Any bocce balls moved as a result of volleyball interference will be left "as-is."